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丂丂Innovations delivered by Athena Telecom Lab, Inc.:

New distributed data access components (DDAC) to:

仢 enable devices (PCs, cell phones and more) to access the same database at the same time. Some are online and access the original database, and others are usually offline, mainly accessing local copies of the database.

resolve conflicts among caused by modifications regarding referring tables, referred tables, and table terms of the database.

仢 create online and/or offline connections to existing database systems with slight modifications.

Powerful and reasonably priced DDAC are essential for practical ERP and CRM systems, and for any distributed database system such as the Electronic Medical Records initiative included in President Obama乫s economical plan.

DDAC will be implemented as Plug-ins, of which simple versions are free. We also have a plan to make free bookkeeping software based on the Rich Client Platform (RCP). Any organization can use it and can share their spending records between members. We can make other free applications and will have the opportunity to sell upgrades of the DDAC.

This component is backed by patents (US 6,526,455 and JP 3906380) that have already been granted, and 5 patent applications submitted under the Patent Cooperation Treaty of WIPO, which is equivalent to submitting patents to almost every country in the world.

丂丒 The above business plans still need to be discussed, especially regarding implementation of efficient and low-risk activities around the world.

丂丒 The development of core parts of DDAC Plug-ins will be completed by the end of December, 2012, but many peripheral parts will still remain to be developed.

丂丒 ATL is a small company with limited financial and manpower resources.


Let乫s get together to make new companies, earn profit for our partners, and contribute to the Eclipse Community.



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